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Sunday, August 1, 2010

T-shirt #213: Wimpy (SLACKER)

This shirt is another Target special and I wore it today because I thought it was the perfect shirt to wear to a burger joint. Today, as mentioned in my “Proud to be Awesome” shirt (, I went to the Eagle’s Deli with my friends Tim and Ben. I am pictured with a “King Kong” burger, which is ½ pound burger (I would have ordered a ¼ pound burger, but with a name like “Kiddie Burger”, I had to go one higher. Tim and Ben managed to muscle down “Godzilla” burgers, which have one pound of meat and come with more fries (they are now struggling to not fade off into a post-Godzilla coma). Although the Eagle’s Deli looks a lot different than when we were at school, the burgers haven’t changed. Also, according to the pictures on the wall, it now looks like you have to eat a (I am not lying) FIVE pound burger to get your face immortalized (A two pound “Cowabunga” was good enough back then). Either way, Wimpy would be proud.

After filling our stomachs, we met my friend Patrick and his son and walked around the BC campus for a while. We walked up the infamous Higgins staircase (one I had managed to stumble up many nights) and checked out our old freshman dorm Gonzaga. We also peeked in the window of The Club, a late night snack and sub place Tim and I worked at our sophomore year. I took the orders and Tim made the sandwiches, which led to a story I have been telling ever since it happened: When I took each student’s order, I would write down what they wanted and take down their first name off of their student ID. Tim would make the sandwiches, walk over to the group of students waiting, and call out their name (for example, “Bob! Roast beef for Bob.” When I took the order of one Asian student, I knew Tim was going to give me a strange look when he saw the order. Sure enough after making the sandwich, Tim look over to me with a look that said “Are you friggin’ kidding me?” I just smiled and nodded, trying to assure Tim that was a real name. So, Tim walked over... “Bum-Suk! I have a sandwich for Bum-Suk.” True story.

After reminiscing about The Club, we walked back down to lower campus and were about to leave when we saw the gate to Alumni Stadium was open. And not the ticket gate, the gate that led straight to the field. We walked right out onto the field, which was quite a rush (although it doesn’t seem as big when you’re on it). I found it interesting that our old dorm was locked, but the football field was wide open. Good times at The Heights. Sox tomorrow night…

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