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Friday, August 13, 2010


Getting ready to head back to Mass form PEI...will write more about my favorite place to get a sandwich in Worcester later...

Glad to report that my parents and I made it back safely to Mass and amazingly on the way back (without planning) ran into my aunt and uncle (who were on their way up to PEI) at a gas station in Maine!

When I first started working at Hope Lodge three years ago (wow), my awesome Aunt Carol helped me get reacquainted with the city I had known better as a youth. “Woostah” was where my dad grew up and where he worked. It was where we went to see Holy Cross get killed by BC in football. It was where we went to go to concerts (it will always be The Centrum to me). It was where our family went for medical emergencies (a long list for another blog). It was where I bragged to my college buddies that Denis Leary was from. After college when I moved to Waltham, Worcester became a place I went to rarely (an easy feat to achieve if you live 15-20 minutes from Boston). Little did I know at the time that Worcester would be the place I would find the perfect job…

Back to three years ago, and I moved into my new apartment and job at the same time. My aunt started treating me to meals and other Worcester outings just about every week. One of the first places she took me was New England Roast Beef on Parke Ave in Worcester. I loved all the sports memorabilia on the walls and couldn’t believe the size of my roast beef sandwich when they brought it over. I knew right away that it was my kind of place. And the friendly service I get every time I go has made me return many times since that first time three years ago.

So, thanks again Aunt Carol for easing my transition back into the city (2nd largest in New England) I once knew. If you are in the area and have never tried New England Roast Beef, I highly recommend checking them out. For all the information you need, go to:

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