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Saturday, August 7, 2010

T-shirt #219: COW WARS

Like my Trailer Park Cows shirt (, this shirt is from Cows Ice Cream ( in Prince Edward Island. This was a gift from my brother’s family (I believe back in 2002 when Star Wars Episode II came out), and I thought it would be a good one to wear on my first full day on The Island.

No time records were broken (see my Uncle Charley) in the trip up yesterday. There were two accident delays near Portland, ME that knocked our trip back by a couple of hours. But we made it to PEI safe and sound with my brother’s family to greet us, and in time to watch the end of the Red Sox-Yankees game (Yay, Sox!).

It’s beautiful in Millcove today, a typical “PEI DAY” as my mother’s license plate says. After breakfast, I played Jarts ( with my nephews. Luckily we have a newer, safer version of this game that is made with rounded plastic instead of the metal points that would stick into the lawn (and possibly eyes). After Jarts, my father joined us for a nice game of Wiffle Ball before lunch.

Heading to the beach later, a perfect start to my first day here…

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