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Monday, August 16, 2010

T-shirt #228: F- CANCER!

I designed this shirt when I bought and if you want one, you can order it here: All the money made from these shirts will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in Worcester, MA.

To me, F- CANCER! really says it all. Even though it’s not the motto of Hope Lodge, I do get the feeling while working here that the guests and I are all a team together in the battle against this disease (And I do think a huge “F- CANCER!” sign outside would rock). We get all types of guests will all kinds of cancer, but we all share a bond no matter what the diagnosis or treatment. We all pull for each other and say “F- CANCER!” by continuing to joke, laugh, and live life in the face of a challenge that seems to touch too many people.

F- CANCER! Also reminds me of the sadness and anger I sometimes feel. Even though Hope Lodge has had far more success stories, we have lost a number of guests since I started here three years ago. And outside of Hope Lodge, I have had friends lose family members to this horrible disease (see: and But when this happens, we say “F- CANCER!”, and continue fighting in their memories. We do Relays, fundraising Marathon walks, and anything we can to help others that are going through something similar.

F- CANCER! is really how I think most people feel about it. And although no one in Worcester made any comments to me while I wore this shirt today, I opened the door for some new guests tonight and “That is an awesome shirt!” was the first thing I heard. Mission accomplished.

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