All of my 365 t-shirts from 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

T-shirt #5: I am McLovin'*

Although this shirt pretty much says it all, I added the asterisk for a reason…well, several reasons, actually. But before those, I will state for the record that I am, in fact, McLovin’. And from this point on, I would like anyone who is reading this to refer to me as McLovin’. Kidding. Here are some nicknames (in the order they popped into my head) that I have had over the years…please enjoy, feel free to use any when talking to me, make up a new one for me, or just call me Dave…

1. The Wrath – I was called this during my sophomore year of college, started by my friend Chris. I believe it was both for my drunken tendencies and hockey playing tendencies. I have not had a drink since I was 21, but I still enjoy fighting in the corner for the puck.

2. Spaz- Also an underclass college nickname, started by my friend Tim. You can refer back to “The Wrath” and add in being fearless and approaching any female at Chestnut Hill my friends dared me to.

3. McGrath – This is what a few of my close friends call me...“What’s up, McGrath?”

4. Cousin Dave- One of my roommates in Waltham had a close friend named Dan McGrath. I was Cousin Dave, he was Cousin Dan (no relation).

5. Mr. McF#@k - This is probably my favorite. One of my former special ed students got very upset over the limit I had set and blurted out “Whatever, Mr. McF#@k!”, and stormed out of the room.

6. Vid Kids – My younger brother Tom called me this, I believe after the show of the same name (

7. Unc Daze – My nephews and niece, before they mastered the “v” sound.

8. Davey – By a select few people I am close to.

9. Dave- This is what most people call me.

10. David Hayes McGrath! – Actually, the opposite of a nickname, my full name, said countless times by my mother for things like when I put my finger into each and every cupcake she was about to bring to my sister’s elementary school classroom for her birthday. Sorry for that and the countless others, Mom.

11. Uncle Dave – Four people call me this, and it brightens my day no matter how dark it has been up to that point.


  1. " Mmmm, good cake, mommy," was the comment.

  2. I can still remember the chants "Fear the Wrath of McGrath" I'm pretty sure it was more for hockey then drinking, although my fondest hockey memories are of the famous BLD, and my most dominant drinking memory involves vodka, very fine juice bottles and Pearl Jam's Indiffernce