All of my 365 t-shirts from 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

T-shirt #18: THERE IS HOPE

I found this shirt in the storage room at Hope Lodge. Such a simple message, but I think it’s the reason I am here. Guests come to Hope Lodge with varying degrees of hope, fear, positive attitude, and treatment behind and/or ahead of them. At the very least, I like to think that I help guests increase their degrees of hope and show them that it is not only okay, but helpful to never stop laughing even when dealing with cancer. I have been at Hope Lodge for two and a half years now, and am glad to say we have had far more success stories compared to guests who have lost their courageous battles to this horrible disease. So, let’s hope for more success stories, keep laughing, be thankful for the survivors we know, and never forget those who have passed (Justin, Danny, and Greg, I think of you every day!)…there IS HOPE…

PS- It is hard to hold a laptop in the cold and try to get a picture of your shirt, a sign, and a house

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