All of my 365 t-shirts from 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

T-shirt #21: I am the man from nantucket.....

This is the first shirt I was requested to wear and blog about, and another one that I am lucky to be able to wear to work. I have had this shirt for over ten years, and got it from a girlfriend who was working in Nantucket one summer. I think I had seen one once and asked her to get me it if she saw one. One time, I wore it into the McDonald’s (which means this was over 6 years ago) in Waltham and this young Irish girl was working. She read it out loud, and asked me what it meant. I just laughed and said I couldn’t tell her. When she insisted, I just recited the limerick with a few words omitted, and she figured it out. Another time I wore it into see a band at Great Scott’s, and when I walked over to my friend Elizabeth she was already laughing. She told me she knew I had arrived because some guy had just walked by her telling his friend that he had just seen “the funniest shirt” and described it to him. I believe this was also the night that somehow magically three of my x-girlfriends were at the same show (or maybe it was two x’s and a current?)…all of which who knew the “validity” of the shirt. I’m sure the Hope Lodge guests will get their kicks tonight…

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